ABOUT lithium battery Ocean ShippingThe Risks of Batteries Transportation
Lithium is a kind of flammable metal, its temperature reaches 600 to 800 Celsius when burned. It is difficult to deal with the accident if there is a fire.
* We must be aware enough of this situation and take special security measures.
Packaging and Reinforce
Bad packing which is not adequately reinforced may lead to the damages or being stopped by customs at port of destination.
* Pro China Freight offers professional consolidation service for shipment.
* Packaging would be striped in customs and carriers inspection, which may result in the loss.
Shipping Product With Lithium Batteries
Products containing lithium batteries are usually banned during ordinary international transport, which may sound absurd, but they are considered to be an explosive risk. A growing number of national government departments have tightened rules for the transport of electronic devices with built-in lithium batteries. Strict restrictions will require manufacturers and shippers to make comprehensive and expensive changes to the way they package and label.
When shipping these cargo, courier carrier requires the provision of MSDS documents and external packaging paste electronic tags.
When shipping by courier service, shippers and manufacturers need to pay for the transportation and other surcharges of all hazardous substances.
If you need to transport the goods with the built-in battery like VAPE, please contact us for more.
Shipping Lithium Battery Pack
A single lithium battery does not meet the demand for energy, so batteries pack synthesized of multiple lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular. These lithium batteries pack weight individually a few kilograms, or dozens of kg. These batteries are used in scooters, motorcycles, and skateboards.
When you order a high-capacity battery pack, your goods must comply with regulatory laws and shipping rules.
This type of lithium battery is larger and often encounters some difficulties in transporting. Are you transporting them? Contact us to get a quote.
Shenzhen Anyun International Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd. is a first class of shipping agent company approved by MOFTEC and the Administration of Navigational Affairs dedicated to undertake international transportation forwarding agent business.
Introduce Information:
1.Cargo and Shipments by International Express,Courier,Airfreight Service.
2.Low price and excellent service.
3.Door to Door Service, and Airport to airport service
Our Services:
1. We can collect/ Pickup your goods from different suppliers, consolidate all goods together at our warehouse and then combim ONE shipment send to you by airfreight/ Express (Couriers)
2. Also we can representative inspection and check the suppier reputation for you.
3. We can provide china export custom licence/ Documents, and Help to make china export custom clearance service, and issued by transportation insurance.
4. We can agent receive ONE amount paying from you if you place many orders to different china suppliers. and then we will separate payment to each supplier follow your instructions.China International Ocean Shipping

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