Our History
Jingzhao fastener, a industry company was established in 2014 and is committed to supplying aluminum formwork accessories to over the world. In the past five years, it has exported to the Korea, Malaysia, Arabia, Canada, Singapore, Poland, the United Kingdom,Taiwan(China), Hong Kong(China), and other countries and regions with big quantity.
Our Factory
Our factory was established in 2001 and is located in yongnian, handan city Hebei, the machine is full automated and daily output is 50 tones.
Our Product
It specializes in the production of scaffold steel prop, stub pin, tie rod, waller clamp flat tie, aligment bracket ..ect, total up to hundreds of types, can be customized according to customer requirements.
You are here can enjoy one-step-shopping with all types alumimum formwork accessories.
Product Application
Applied to aluminum templates
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Punching machine/ welding machine
Production Market
We have a certain reputation in China, we supply for China construction eight engineering division Co.,ltd and for many state-owned enterprise,and on the export side, we export to korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore, Poland, the United Kingdom, Taiwan(China), Hong Kong(China) ect .. free ask me.
Our Service
1. Free ask me if you have any question; 2. We will stand in the customer's point of view for the customer; 3. We have one year after sales service, you can consult online.China Adjustable Construction Steel Scaffolding Prop

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