This product is a set of 7 pieces of special tool head with a diameter of 16mm spring, which can be used on the spring of type 75, 80, 100, 150 and 180 dredge machine. The tool head can be replaced according to the pipe plug.

Four - edged serrated cutter
For the second tool in the pipe, open the plug left by the sawtooth cutter
Sawtooth cutter
Used for plugging caused by hardened and smooth materials such as chemical fallout
Spiral sawtooth cutter
Used to remove all kinds of clogs, roots, debris, paper, etc
Straight spiral drill
A sample used to open a plug or to remove a plug to determine which tool to use
Funnel auger
For the second tool in the pipe to open the plug left by the straight auger
Type c grease cutter
Used to remove grease from waste disposal equipment or waste outlet pipes
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