Vertical Split Case Pump is vertical split case centrifugal pump, they are single-stage, double suction, applied for general water supply, booster service, municipal waterworks, condenser cooling, water circulation, industrial service, building service, chemical plant, power plants etc. It鈥檚 suitable for electric or diesel drives, split case pump duties range from around 47m3/h to 13680m3/h
1.It requires a smaller footprint than that of horizontal pumps
2.It is suitable for spaces where the ground surface area is restricted.
3.With a vertical centrifugal pump, the NPSH available can be increased.
4.Such pumps are suitable for higher temperature and high pressure fluids.
1.They require large headroom for installation and maintenance especially when it comes to multistage units or turbine pumps.
2.Only when direct coupling with an electric motor is available, such pumps can be used. With types of drivers like engine or turbine are used, vertical centrifugal pumps will not be the perfect choice for your industry.
3.Due to the overhang design, it becomes difficult to balance the hydraulic axial thrust especially while dealing with high suction pressures.
4.A vertical split case pump would normally requires expensive barrel and pit.
5.It will be prone various issues in its mechanical seals when it has to pump liquids with high dissolved gases since they will accumulate at the top of the seal chamber or the stuffing box. Here venting is difficult and less effective.
Cast Iron, S.S 304, S.S 316L, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Duplex S.S 2205 etc.
Agricultural irrigation & drainage, Flood discharge & Emergency drainage;
Civil water treatment, Waterworks, Sea water desalination;
Power plant water circulation, Cooling tower & Hot water transferring
Mining, Boiler feeding, etc.
Urban water supply and pressure boosting
Industrial circulating system and processing system
Water supply for boiler, condensing system, high-rise building or fire fighting system
Water treatment and RO system
Cooling water systemSplit Case Pump manufacturers

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