SHANXI EVER BETTER INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD was established in early 2013, as a foreign trade enterprise, we specialize in ductile iron fittings and ductile iron pipes.
Our main products are DI fittings and pipes, which are based on American AWWA C110 and C153 standards. There are loosing flange fittings according to EN545,etc. Meanwhile supply the flanged fittings and socket fittings according to ISO2531.
We have cooperated closely with many foundries in the industry for many years.
At present, there are more than 50 exporting countries. Our DI fittings are exported to Europe, France, Spain, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.
Africa market includes Morocco, South Africa, Senegal, and Zimbabwe.
North American covers United States and Panama. South American contains Chile, Brazil . In Asia UAE and Laos clients also use our reliable products.
Jiaocheng County Shitong Casting Alloy Co. Ltd is a Chinese leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe fittings. All types of DI pipe fittings produced by us according to ISO2531,EN545,EN12842 and Awwa C110 include flanged pipe fittings, socket pipe fittings, loosing flanged pipe fittings, EX socket pipe fittings, fittings for PVC pipes, flanged adaptors and couplings, as well as casting fittings for plastic injection machine ,mechanical castings, shell, and we are also working over and exploiting gate valves, new types of couplings, AWWA C153. The goods as your drawings or samples also can be supplied. Our company has been an OEM manufacturer of machined and un-machined castings. Today, we manufacture over 5,000 kinds of products, from pipe fittings to customized universal couplings. Our company is continuing to refine our role as a technical expert, quality leader and fast reactor.
ISO2531,EN545,EN12842 ,Awwa C110,AWWA C153 ,flange adaptor ,Flange gasket ,ductile iron pipe
Water system
ISO9001 ,ISO14001 ,OHSAS ductile iron ISO2531 All Flange Tees

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