Introduction of Horizontal V Groover
Our company has devoted itself to the research and development and production of sheet metal processing equipment for many years. With skilled workers and professional technical personnel, it has developed a series of sheet metal processing equipment with fast speed, high degree of automation and stable performance.
The horizontal V-groover produced by our company has good control function, can meet the requirements of various prop clamping, the product quality is reliable, and the sales volume is in the front row.
Technical Data
1Max. Width of metal sheet1250mm
2Max. Length of metal sheet4000mm
3Max. thickness(Stainless steel)4mm
4Min. Thickness of metal sheet0.4mm
5Min.distance of the V from edge8mm
6Max. cutting speed of X axis120m/min
7Max .return speed of the X axis120m/min
8Max.distance of Y axis1250mm
9Resolution in Y1 axis0.001mm
10Repeated positioning accuracy卤0.01mm
11Resolution in z axis0.001mm
12Repeated positioning accuracy卤0.01mm
13Motor powerX1.X2 axis5.5kw
Y1.Y2.Z axis1
14Overall dimensionsLength5800mm
Equipment characteristics
1. X-axis has the function of working control, the operator can control the work piece better.
2. Universal tool clamping mounting surface, to meet the requirements of a variety of tool clamping, high speed knife and alloy knife interchangeable.
3. The machine adopts industrial touch screen, and the system is an exclusive software system.
4. The tool holder of v grooving machine is integral rather than sectional, and self-lubricating device is also installed.
Why choose us
1. We are a large sheet metal equipment manufacturer in Jiangsu Province, China.
2. Strict quality control before packing and transportation.
3. Our equipment has a long service life and high precision.
4. Direct selling of manufacturers can fully protect your interests.
5. Our equipment has export standards.
Our products have been widely used in hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs, automotive decoration, sheet metal production, precision parts, hardware products and other industries.China Horizontal V Groover Machine manufacturer

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