Our History
Autofacade was founded in 2009 in Hangzhou with a vision to become a global leading supplier of window actuators for low cost and quality products. The company has been acquired by Hong Kong investor in 2018, and it is now a wholly owned foreign owned company.
Our Factory
Autofacade is a professional manufacturer of window actuators. With a strong R&D team, we are also one of the global leading supplier for OEM/ODM services in this industry. We have well established inhouse design and manufacturing capability to design and manufacture key components, i.e gear transmission. Automated testing equipment for on-line testing programs is available to ensure the quality consistency as required by our customers and testing authority.
Our Product
We produce a full range of window actuators powered by electric motors, fail safe pneumatic system and even manual winders. Our broad range of products includes Chain motor, Rack & Pinion and Linear Spindle motors with various stroke lengths and thrust forces are available to meet every need of façade and ventilator industry. What’s worthwhile to mention is our latest state of art development to deliver an addressable motorized window system for versatile controls and changing needs of building owners. A simple software upgrade can meet building owners new control configuration requirement, this replaces the need for expensive re-wiring of physical cable as in the case of traditional window controls system. The fully addressable motorized system with open protocol available for integration to BMS or SCADA systems. It pioneers the entire window automation industry with a combined field bus and TCPIP based architecture with open control protocol for seamless building technology integration.
Product Application
The automated window actuators are extensively used in both natural ventilation and smoke ventilation. In some countries, fail safe system is required, and we are able to offer a fail safe pneumatic and electrical system. The applications we see could be a simple click on a button to open a high skylight vent in your house, a naturally ventilated building with hybrid ventilation controls or an automatic opening vents system in a fire suitation.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, CCCF, CE, ISO 21927, EN12101 certified by OEM customers.
Production Equipment
Automatic testing platform, Environment chamber, Salt Spray Tester, Vibration test platform, 3-D printer, 3 coordinate instrument, Lathe machine, Milling machine…
Production Market
Thanks to the exquisite design and superior quality we have already possessed an admirable market presence in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Pan Pacific region.
Our service
It is essential the customers requirement is understood to the letter by all relevant sections before the production is ready to go. A adequately trained customer service team is looking after the after sales issues to ensure all feedback and complaints are heard and addressed in a timely manner. The standard warranty period is 12 months.China Manual Window Opener

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