Product Description
1. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
2. Maximum straight-line design on main cleaning pipelines makes sure the powerful and thorough scouring.
3. Twin-acting pneumatic valve with reliable quality and anti-high temperature characteristic.
4. Adoption of world top products as main accessories makes sure premium quality.
5. The sterile water and the lye water can be recyclable.
Product Features
Heads: Single / Double / Three / Four station keg filling and washing machine.
Control: Manual / Semiauto / Full automatic control.
Sanitary: Washing by Pasteurized water, food grade standard.
Production Services
1. The equipment is guaranteed for 12 months-36 months under normal use, and we supply maintenance for life for free.
2. Professional technology support team which can guide your equipment’s instruction, brewing and also can go to your country for training.
3. Complete quality control and management, acquired ISO9001:2008 and CE certification. Ensure reliable product quality, strict production control.China Brewing Support Equipment

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